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"Hvor lidelsen blir fri"

Read the story about the upcoming album from Tornekratt


"Hvor lidelsen blir fri" roughly translates to "Where the suffering ends", and sets the scene for the sound in the album.

The whole album started when the three members of Tornekratt recorded "Leshen", which Winterskugge and Varden had almost completed, under a different project name.

The three friends had sessions with recording, drinking and having fun while recording music, or just jamming with a backtrack. They all come from different genres within metal, and wanted to share their work as a group.

Varden sat for hours on the train, at work, at home and in the car to come up with a name for the band. He had (and this is not a joke) about 150 suggestions for a band name.
Then he recieves an alert from the group-chat:

Winterskugge: "What about Tornekratt?"

Varden: "Fuck. He nailed it."

From then on, they agreed that Tornekratt (Thornbush) would be their identity.

They met in the weekends, at one of the members garage to hang as friends and do what they love. Make cold and heavy metal.

It should be mentioned that these guys listen to various genres, but the love for black metal is the strongest.

Within a year from the first session of recording "Leshen", they had all the songs they needed for a full album. Well, it actually turned out they had too many.
But they chose their favourites and started recording.
They spent time, sweat, blood, alcohol (maybe too much) and money to perfect their sound to their liking.

They bought guitars, filters, microphones and software just to complete this album all by theirselves. No professional help was used (as you might be able to hear..).

They always kept in mind that they wanted it to sound the same on record as on stage.

Now, to the songs themselves.

In Varden's words: 

"This album is like a bowl of candy. There are different flavours for everyone."

As said before, these three members have different roots in metal.
Winterskugge is the closest member to actually look like a black metal band member.

He likes bands like Djevel, Dark Funeral, Naglfar, etc.

Fanteguten loves the atmospheric metal like DSBM, but also loves a good rat pedal.

Varden likes to make pig-noises and play heavy 0's on the 7-string guitar.

This is reflected in the songs of the album, thus Varden's comment about there being "a flavour for everyone".

There are songs about lost hope, death beyond death, violent rage, and beautiful guitars in an atmoshperic setting that will set your mood for a whole week.

Tornekratt also wanted to add "Leshen" in the album because it was the beginning of it all, and it deserved a re-master.

With that said, here is a quote from the members themselves:

"We hope you feel all the feelings we did while making this album, when you listen to it. Music is about reaching every emotion within you, also those who often dont see the light."

The Band

Who is "Tornekratt"? We don't know either.
But here are some facts about three random dudes.

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